Best Alternatives of WhatsApp Plus

There are tons of WhatsApp mods options on the internet from which you can choose the best among them easily. But at the same time, it could be a tough task to pick one of them since all of them brings amazing benefits in terms of privacy and security aspect. If you are looking for the most famous alternative to Whatsapp Plus messenger, you can check out the popular options from this post.

Top 9 Best WhatsApp Plus Alternatives

WhatsApp+ is one of the most intriguing and feature-rich mods that offer a wide range of perks that are generally don't seen in the official version. Yet, we won't deny that several remarkable alternatives push the limits even more. Therefore, let's dive into the following list that provides similar perks as the WA+ apk with key characteristics that will appeal to many readers!

Best Alternatives of WhatsApp Plus

GBWhatsApp - Offers Two Accounts Usage

When you first download the GBWhatsApp, you won't see any fancy design layout or anything that stands out much. You might even think that it's just like the regular stock WhatsApp application. But once you will explore the mods settings, you will be shocked to know about that diverse range of security, privacy, and customization features.

To get started, it's possible to use two different accounts on the GVBWhatsApp since it offers two SIJM card support that is inserted on your phone. With that, you can effortlessly use alternative phone numbers. You can switch between both of the accounts by the receiving verification code. But it will only work when you have switched off the first account.

Not to forget, there are tons of amazing privacy options hidden in the settings menu from which you can get access to all lots of things. For instance, you can start a conversation without showing your online status. It means that you have literally become invisible to other users and nobody will bother you during your precious productive time.

FMWhatsApp - A Overall Good Package

Yet another MOD apk that works the same as the rest of the options, but it is one of the few WA that brings various customization features that makes the overall interface aspect brilliant and also offers amazing visual attributes in the chat section so that the users can easily enjoy the conversation with their friends and family. Aside from this, you are getting the same theme library that offers in majorities of MODs options.

With them, you can modify the app interface according to your wishes and stand out from the rest of the competition. Furthermore, tons of eye-catching aspects can be developed around the app UI. In addition to that, you will obtain a flight mode that will remove all of the distractions from the chat tab. It will work smoothly since it is integrated with the app, while the rest of the functions are also worth noting.

The App is developed by AlexMods that grant stable performance usage with proper configuration of features so that the users can enjoy conversation without worrying about privacy and security.

YoWhatsApp - The First King of WhatsApp MODs

Many mod apps come and go, but we don't see any out of the box as the YoWhatsApp. It offers a different range of client features as compared to the regular OGWhatsApp or GBWhatsApp. It provides a dedicated section for chat, status, and call privacy so that users can utilize this messenger app without any trouble. Besides this, you can also redesign the app with different themes and custom options.

It is developed by Yousef Al-Basha, a well-renowned developer in the WhatsApp mods community. Though, those libraries will also be seen in the previous messenger apk. However, you are getting a sleek interface with minimalistic options that are necessary to make this app lighter usage. Yet, the best part of using this version is that you are getting frequent updates so that you are guaranteed that you will find fewer bugs and even avoid account bans in the long run. But it's not confirmed 100% while using any MOD version.

OGWhatsApp - Numerous Account Options

The OGWhatsApp has lots of similarities with the GBWhatsApp since it is developed by the same persons. Moreover, the app is also able to share the same design layout for the application, and almost identical functions that allow you to modify the visual themes with the same old repository. Apart from the interface, the privacy and security features are also quite good.

But the main reason why you should pick this version would be that it offers users to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone, which is also possible for only a handful of mods. Sometimes, you can even have three account limits, if you enable clone up or use different Android profiles. If you are interested in using more than two accounts, it would the best solution.

Soula WhatsApp - A Great Choices For Privacy

If the YoWhatsApp is all about customization and visual aspects, the Soula WhatsApp takes a complete 180-degree turn over it. You will be getting a simple interface with not much themes options seen in the settings menu. But still, the app revolves around the core security features so that users can get a smooth conversation experience with this messenger application.

Because of those factors, it's become a good option. But there's no denying that will also give satisfactory results even though it got those standard WhatsApp aspects. With this mod, you don't need to worry about your online presence and nobody will able to see a double blue tick until you reply to their messages.

WhatsApp Mix - Combing New Custom features

The WhatsApp Mix is developed by the users known as the Nario Mix, in which you will find a complete makeover of the app interface. Unlike many mods, it doesn't rely on the standard color combination, instead of that, the app comes with a lighter blue color layout that grabs attention at first instance. Because of this additional skin, will give an amazing visual spectacular.

Although there's no doubt that you can access the theme repository, that's not the case for this application since this interface comes as the default appearance. Apart from this, the basic button layouts are recognizable and arranged in the same manner with a few exceptions in the upper section of the app interface. The reorganized menu will come with separate settings options with different styles of privacy and additional options that make everything accessible with a single click.

Moreover, the video and photo sharing limits are extended so that you can share larger media files than before with proper resolution. Besides this, it also allows users to send messages to users who are not even in your contact list without any problem. Therefore, try out this version to experience something new and unique.

WhatsApp+ JiMODs - Sibling of YOWA

This version is also known as the JTWhatsApp mod and can consider a decent alternative to WhatsApp+ with its intuitive and simple-to-use interface. Furthermore, you will get a completely different app interface with a wide range of customization to modify the app settings according to your wishes without any hassle.

But on the other hand, the rest of the features are hardly any different from any other WhatsApp mods that we have covered in the list. Overall, you are getting total control over the visual and privacy aspects like the FMWhatsApp and YoWhatsApp, which also includes a dedicated flight mode. A few changes in the icon, while truthfully, there's hardly any difference that is worth mentioning.

WhatsApp Aero - Enhance Customization Aspect

The Aero WhatsApp mod works in the same way as a major option that you will find on the list. But there are small details in which the app takes improvement to optimize the overall usage of the phone. It precisely utilizes the theme library and allows users to customize the app interface. Furthermore, it will remove the limitations and mainly improve the privacy and security features. Many people are concerned about adding DIY Theme, it's also possible with this version.

Aside from this, the core strength of WhatsApp Aero is that it brings more customization features as compared to other variants, while at the same time, once you have entered the settings menu, you will get all of the details. Moreover, the visual appearance of the messenger can completely turnover into something beautiful and colorful. Simply enable the Colorphone themes to create an appealing effect for your conversation tab and diverse options to build personalized themes.

HeyWhatsApp - Improve version HeyMods WhatsApp

The HeyMods is quite popular in the WhatsApp mods community, they have created their own messenger version known as the HeyWhatsApp. Besides this, they are also continuing the work of the AlexMod and becoming the primary developer for WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatApp, even though they are not the original creator of those apps. Both of them are popular client messenger apps. You will find several additional features with some similarities with the YoWhatsApp from the skin end.

Overall, it's a great combination of visual and privacy features that brings various customization features under the hood. Therefore, you can choose this version to enhance your messaging experience to a whole new level.


Here are some of the general queries that we hear from our readers frequently. Check this section to increase your knowledge.

What things you should consider before downloading any WhatsApp mods?

There are a handful of things that you should check out before you ever download WhatsApp Mods.

  • Ensure that the app version got updates
  • Offers a wide range of customization support
  • Advance privacy features to enhance user experience.
  • Anti-ban support needs to be present.

Which is the best version you should pick?

Choosing any modified WhatsApp is a personal preference of the users, while there's no particular thumb rule that applies to every phone. But if you are looking for a complete deal, we suggest you should check out the YoWhatsApp since it offers time-to-time updates, better visuals, privacy, and security features.

What are things that you need to avoid choosing any Mod?

Things that you need to avoid while picking WhatsApp MOD are as follows:

  • Don't have periodic updates
  • Offers Advertainment in the interface
  • Ask for money to unlock features
  • Anti-ban features are not included
  • And so on

Final Verdict

I have covered all of the best alternatives of WhatsApp Plus, while our personal favorite would be YoWhatsApp since it offers everything from improved privacy, diverse customization perks, and a theme store, and remove lots of limitation that appears in the official messenger app.

Meanwhile, you can suggest any WhatsApp mod that we have not been able to cover in this list. For more WhatsApp content, check out our other informative posts.