How to uninstall WhatsApp Plus?

As we all know, there are several risks involved in using WhatsApp mods, and you have finally made the decision to uninstall WhatsApp Plus from the Android ecosystem. In that situation, this post thoroughly designs for users to easily back up their message data and remove this apk.

But before we are getting started with the procedure, we will highly recommend you complete the below-given requirements!

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In general, WhatsApp Plus is a fantastic WhatsApp mod that offers a wide range of features, but it also provides backup options, in which case you may want to migrate to other MODs or the official app. So, let's begin the backup process!

How to uninstall WhatsApp Plus

How to Uninstall WhatsApp Plus?

There are two methods from which you can effortlessly remove the WhatsApp+ APK from the android app interface, and install any WhatsApp version according to your needs. Here's the first method that you are looking for.

Method 1: Using Settings App

The process of uninstalling WhatsApp Plus can be applied to other apps as well. In the following method, you have to visit the Settings menu. To do so, follow the next part!

Method 2: Directly Delete App

Unlike the previous method, you don't have to go through the whole process of going to the setting menu and so on. Instead of that, you can try out this simple method to uninstall WhatsApp Plus from your android phone.


Both methods are applicable to WhatsApp Plus, and you can quickly remove this apk from the android ecosystem. But you should know that there will still be a few files left in the internal storage. Remove them, as they are no longer necessarily useful for you. On the other hand, if you are interested in taking a backup, you should copy those files to another folder to retrieve all of your previous conversations.