Is WhatsApp Plus Safe?

There is no doubt that WhatsApp Plus is a modded version of the stock WhatsApp. But unfortunately, we can't say that the application is 100% safe.

To say those things, we would like to clarify a few things before. On this website, we have dedicated ourselves to presenting an immersive user experience with the modified WhatsApp, while at the same time, you can download and install this Apk file without any problem. Since we have thoroughly checked the application for any malicious viruses or malware.

Hopefully, we don't find any trouble during our tests. Besides this, we always host apk files that have been cleared by our tech team through testing, and the same applies to WhatsApp Plus.

But there are some other external factors that might make the WhatsApp mods tough to use. So, let's know to compete for details of the risk involved after downloading any WhatsApp mods.

Is WhatsApp Plus Safe

Some Factors Why WhatsApp Plus might not Safe

Here is a list of factors, that you should consider before downloading and installing the WhatsApp Plus application on an Android device. With that said, let's get started!

Lose WhatsApp account access

The Meta (previously known as Facebook) has all of the infringed rights to ban accounts that do not follow the terms and conditions of their services to use, which without a doubt includes WhatsApp MODs in the first instance. A few years ago, the company has launched a mass ban, which eventually leads developers to introduce anti-ban features. But still, there's a constant fear lurking in the dark, that the same thing happens in the near future.

Vulnerable Message privacy

WhatsApp Plus uses the same codes and infrastructure which are quote-unquote hard to know. It's not confirmed whether the official WhatsApp servers are holding conversations or not, while the messaging privacy might be compromised to some extent. Even the stock client application doesn't have proper privacy support even though they claim to provide an end-to-end encryption conversation experience. Besides this, Meta is US based company that is said to cooperate with the USA's national security agency.

Less Chat Backup options

If you are thinking of backing up your message, you will need to be extra careful with the mods. Generally, when you are using the stock WhatsApp application, you will obtain two backup options, which include Google Drive for cloud storage with local backup that is stored in your phone's internal storage. But WA Plus doesn't use Google Drive in the first place, so taking local backup is become a last option for the users.

You can either download a File Explorer application or use your PC to extract those local backup files and transfer them when you are switching to different WhatsApp mods. Furthermore, you have to go through specific steps to reach the end goal.


With this post, I hope you have grasped information regarding the WhatsApp Plus downside. Now that you have known what is going for, you can make a decision without any hassle. Aside from this, if you have more queries, you can check out our other post or comment on the issue below.