Opinion about WhatsApp Plus: Pros and Cons

WhatsApp+ is a complete package of customization with an amazing set of security and privacy attributes, and one of the most downloaded modified versions of WhatsApp messenger. Here's what the team thinks about this application.


In my opinion, there's nothing much to say about this application since it brings lots of goodies that make WhatsApp Plus APK even better than the official app in some factors. I honestly think it works great for me, especially the privacy aspect for the users. It's quite brilliant and compelling, and the developer behind this app has done a great job in bringing the exact same feeling and offering necessary instant messaging perks according to the modern age.

Opinion about WhatsApp Plus


Being realistic as much as possible, there are some positive aspects as well as a few downsides of installing this modified version instead of the original app. Undoubtedly, we will obtain numerous visual styles, themes, various emojis, and icons, change the interface layout, a wide range of colorful fonts with different sizes, more capacity to send large files in the conversation, and so on. But at the same time, it can't be denied that you won't get frequent updates and the official WhatsApp. On top of that, using mods comes with a temporary or permanent ban too.


I'm a big-time fan of this client development since it makes my life easier in various ways. First of all, I highly appreciate online status-hiding features because it allows me to work freely and avoid distracted conversation, and even if I have seen the chat, the double blue tick won't appear until I have replied to that person. Although, I have taken into account taking manual backups because of account ban fear.


It's one of the few WhatsApp MOD that I have been using for years, and there are numerous reasons why I consider using this version. I like the sleek and clean UI interface, but sometimes, applying themes gives a whole new experience. But it's not that good when it comes to faster updates as compared to the official development. This could lead to a security concern. Yet, the current update has a few bugs that make the overall usage inconvenient.


This amazing MOD offers the following advantages:


Changing various themes, adding different font styles, and creating a visual spectacular is the core of this application. On the other hand, WhatsApp looks pretty stiff and boring to many users.

Hiding Abilities

We can prevent most of the conversation aspects to be seen by the other users, controlling blue tick, freeze last seen and online status are just the tip of the iceberg.


Now, let's unmask the disadvantage of using this MOD:

Slower Update

In general, you won't receive the latest version as fast as the official version. It might take a few weeks to even months to launch a crucial update, and if it appears, it would have appeared extremely late.

Data Safety

If you are using any MOD, you are granting access to all of your conversation, media, and file information to the third-party developer, which might not be that reliable.

Account Ban Issue

One of the main reasons many people avoid using the modified version is because of the risk of getting banned and the official app will ask to migrate to the original messenger application.