FMWhatsApp Vs WhatsApp Plus: Which one to choose

Are you curious to know what are the similarity and differences between the famous FMWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus? Yes, you are! There's no doubt that they are among the most famous and worldwide used MODs. But at the same time, they are not particularly similar to each other.

In general, anybody who downloads MODs won't find that much difference in the first place, and the functions rendered by both versions are quite identical. But the core aspect that differentiates them is usually applied aesthetic value.

So, let's compare the different factors so that you can choose a decent WhatsApp mod according to your necessities at the end of this post!

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FMWhatsApp Vs WhatsApp Plus

Interface Layout

In the following section, you can see both of the interfaces and as you have guessed, there are many differences in the layout of the app interface except for a few icon changes. In the FMWA, you will rely on a three-dot menu with airplane mode, while on the other hand, the WA+ comes with an additional Wi-Fi connector and a three-line menu setup on the home screen. Apart from this, the rest of the functions are identical.

Customization Elements

The resources used in the WhatsApp mods customization are always the same since they utilize the same themes store library as any other MOD. Both of them can equip more than 4000 themes so that you can enjoy a personalized user interface without much hassle.

Menu Settings

The majority of differences will be seen in the menu section since both of the devices offer various tools, widgets, and other factors. The design of the FMWhatsApp is looking fancier with diverse and colorful icons. But, WhatsApp Plus, on the other hand, provides sleek and simple designed icons that give a classic vibe when you are using this app.

Additional Functions

The things that you can perform with the regular WhatsApp app such as messages, calling, and checking status, are possible with both of the MODs options. Besides this, it will conveniently work with the official app, except you have to use the secondary phone number to use two accounts over your smartphone.

Different Origin

Generally, most of the WhatsApp mods use the same source code, while the developer adds new security and privacy perks. Both FMWhatsApp and WhatsApp start from the same source, and it's pretty normal in the MOD community since a single developer release numerous clone apps and some might have a shared appearance while other would have different name or logo.

Here, AlexMods created WhatsApp+, whereas FM WhatsApp is developed by Fouad Mokdad. Both of them are quite popular in the community of MODs developers, while at the same time, they offer the same practical components with a few changes here and there.

Privacy and Security Factors

Like many WhatsApp mods, you will obtain perks to hide the blue double tick, hiding your last seen time, and both of the apps allow you to watch contact status without being familiar to them and also see deleted stories smoothly. Aside from this, both of the apps check out all of the security features too so that their users can implement them anytime.

Furthermore, you can add security layering in the form of a PIN code, or pattern, or if necessary, use the biometric scanner feature to lock all of your conversations.

Varied Multimedia Options

In terms of multimedia, you are getting options to increase or decrease the file resolution according to your needs. Besides this, you can also disable image share limits and send unlimited photos without any problem. All of those media-related features are nearly the same and give a similar vibe. However, these factors are not that important when you are selecting one of these two apps.


We will highly recommend you select the FMWhatsApp in our opinion, because of the diverse customization features that appear in the app interface. With that, you can modify everything in just a few clicks, and there's no denying that both apps don't have differences. Even if we talk about the downside, the risk of getting banned is real, and neither lets you can save backup data on Google drive. You have to follow the alternative route and use manual backup. Both of them have advantages and flaws, so choose the app according to your desire!