How to Add Stickers to WhatsApp Plus?

You are aware of WhatsApp since it's one of the globally famous instant messaging applications available for Android, iOS, and other OS platforms. On the other hand, WhatsApp Plus is the modified version that offers more advanced perks and additional capabilities that can easily surpass regular WhatsApp.

With WA Plus, the users will receive features to hide the blue ticks, save status, see deleted messages, and so on. Besides this, it's also possible to share up to 90 images without any problem, compare to that, previously, it only allowed to use of less the 15 images at once, with 30MB video sharing limits. With those fabulous attributes, WhatsApp+ demands have increased over the years.

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How to Add Stickers to WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus Stickers

Like the general stickers available in WhatsApp, there are numerous ranges of stickers accessible in WhatsApp Plus. Usually, there are images that you can't share in the sticker format, or if you have some favorite meme templates, all of them can be shared in the sticker format. Moreover, without texting, it makes the whole conversation more appealing and engaging since your contact might even replay with even amazing comeback sticker. Overall, it's a great feature that users always demand more for it.

Download Stickers Plus Pack Latest For Android

Through the following instructions, you can smoothly download and install the WhatsApp Plus Sticker packs app on your phone.

How to Use WhatsApp Plus Stickers Packs?

Now that you have installed the Sticker Plus app and also added the stickers pack, it's time to dive into the next step, where you will get information regarding how you can effortlessly share or use those stickers with your contacts:


Here is a list of questions that might help you understand this application better.

Is this app free?

You can freely download and install this application on your Android phone without any problem at all.

Does Stickers Plus support iOS?

No, it's not possible to download this app for iOS, it's only exclusive to Android smartphones.

Is this app available in Google Play Store?

The mod apks aren't available on the Google Play Store, so you have to download and install Sticker Plus from third-party resources such as us.

Is the Stickers Plus Safe?

Yes, the app is completely safe to use, and it has gone through several security-level tests.

Can I delete or View the stickers packs I have added to my account?

You can view your saved sticker packs in the "My Stickers" tab, while at the same time, you can remove some stickers if you want to.

How to update the Sticker package?

The app got periodic updates so it's recommended to check the update every month to get the latest stickers library without any further delay and enhance your conversation experience.

Final Verdict

With this post, I hope you have gotten full information about the WhatsApp Plus stickers packs app. Now, enjoy the funny conversation with those interesting stickers. For insightful content, you can also visit our other informative posts.