How to know if someone is using WhatsApp Plus

Detecting who is using WhatsApp Plus is quite tricky compared to identifying the users who are using traditional WhatsApp. There's no certain working plan that can reliably give a 100% success rate in finding the MODs version. However, the only thing that you can do is keep track of your contacts and see whether they are showing any sign of suspicion, unless and until they admit they are using WA+.

Things That You Need To Notice

In the following section, you will find some of the factors that you should keep eye on to confirm your hunch.

Check the Status Bar

Usually, when you are constantly talking with someone, they will check your status, but for some reason, if that person never shows in your status, then you should start suspecting. One of the significant many people love about WhatsApp Plus is that it premit users to hide their information to some extent from their contacts. Thus, if you are chatting with someone, but the Online icon never appears in the chat box, it can be the first sign that he/she is using a MOD version.

how to know if someone is using whatsapp plus

Connection Time

Apart from hiding online status, the app also allows users to remove the last seen time from the status bar, which might look suspect in the first place. But the hunch would be to confirm when you find that that latest seen section is empty, which proves the second sign of the usage of WA+.

Reply without Double Blue tick

The above two factors are also possible with the official messenger app from the privacy settings. But when you send a message and your contact read it, yet, it's not showing a double blue tick. In general, whenever you have a conversation, you notice a pattern that when some read chats, the double blue check appears. If that's not the case for you, then you can think of this as a third red flag. If the blue tick check only appears when that person is replied to you, it's even more reason to be doubtful since it's one of the features that arrive with WhatsApp Plus.

Don't have Emoticons access

The core essence of the MODs is that they provide a wide range of customization perks, which also open a whole new world of emotions that are generally not feasible with the regular version. Sometimes, those emojis are not configurated with the official app, which results that you can't see them on your phone screen. Usually, you will notice a square box with an X symbol inside that assures yet another signal of the usage of WhatsApp Plus or other MODs versions. You can only view those content when you are using one of them.

Final Verdict

These are the most common tricks to know that someone is using WA+ on their android phone. But as we mentioned earlier, those factors don't confirm the suspicion. With this. I hope it will give a rough idea about the modded version of WhatsApp, and if you like advanced customization and privacy features, we recommend you check them out!