How to Hide Online Status in WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is a brilliant application that provides security and privacy-oriented perks. Once you have started using this modified version, you will be shocked by those advanced features and options that will provide immersive support for the day-to-day usage. It's a complete package for everybody since it brings tons of exciting perks under the hood.

One of the most impressive attributes of WhatsApp Plus is the customization that is built into the settings menu. Are you also keep wondering, how to hide online status in WhatsApp Plus? It's a good thing because you can hide that status easily. In this post, we will cover all of the details regarding how you can hide online status in WhatsApp. So, let's get started with the process.

How to Hide Online Status in WhatsApp Plus


In case, if you are new to WhatsApp modded that offers a wide range compared to the official WhatsApp, in this section, you will grasp all of the information before meeting all of the requirements on online status in WhatsApp Plus.

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There are tons of modded versions of WhatsApp available for android users. But if you are looking for interesting perks, WhatsApp Plus is a great choice for users who want to increase overall privacy and customization features. It will include several features once you have installed the apk. First of all, you can precisely hide online status, while at the same time, you can check out the freeze last seen. It means that you can stay online while the last seen time would not change.

The core need is to download WhatsApp Plus. Apart from this, there's no additional requirement for the users.

How to Hide Online Status in WhatsApp Plus?

In this part, you will get to know the simple trick to freeze last seen on the WA Plus in a pretty hassle-free manner. So, without further ado, let's dive into the complete process of how to Hide Online Status in WhatsApp Plus.

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With this method, nobody is able to see your online status, and you can easily wander around without being noticed by anyone while enjoying group conversation without being present there. With this feature, you are last seen would be frozen to everybody until you turn off this setting.

How to Hide Last seen in WhatsApp Plus

The above method is slightly flawed as it blocks everyone to see your last seen status in the conversation tab. However, if you are in search of a way to disable the last seen for a specific account, you can stay online without any problem.

In that case, you can give it a try of the procedure covered in the following part.

On the other hand, you can also choose the "nobody" option from the privacy menu list so that no one can see your last seen. Finally, you have understood the two simple methods to hide online status in WhatsApp Plus. It will help you to avoid all of the chaos happening in your message tab.


I hope that the above guide has provided you with comprehensive information about hiding Online Status in WhatsApp Plus. It will help you assist in masking your online presence from other users, while if you have some more queries regarding this WhatsApp mod, you can drop down your queries in the subsequent comment section.